Zykom Family of Sites, Maintenance Package
Choosing any, or all of the packages below entitles you to - 15% SAVINGS on ALL work
done on your web site. For example: custom artwork, editing, updates.


General Maintenance:
Your site must be hosted with us to receive General Maintenance, which means ease of mind. As companies are busy with their own products or services, keeping track of your web site can be a time consuming process. Zykom Design will be your web design team, keeping track of common problems and ensuring that your site maintains a professional appearance and functions correctly. A site that is not maintained will eventually have problems and become an unusable, unstable waste of time.
As your companies web design team, your web site will receive
(on a monthly basis) the following:
1) Complete site navigation check for dead links, corrupted files or images.
(This ensures that your links will be directed where they are linked, images will be where they are supposed to be, etc..)
2) Online and phone support.
3) Disaster Recovery of your site. We maintain (3) full backup copies.

(prices based on web site size, starting at $14.99/month )
Updating /editing of text, images, site layout, background and navigation bar or buttons are charged on a per/ hr. basis and not included, in general maintenance.

By choosing the General Maintenance package, your web site becomes part of the Zykom Family of Sites (ZFS), which entitles you to - 15% SAVINGS on ALL additional work done on your web site. You will be billed $50/hr. rather than $59/hr., (the cost for NON - members).

Examples of possible savings

Sample Project
Sample Cost
NON- Members
Sample Cost
ZFS - Members
Updates to an
Image Gallery
Add a new line of products
to your web site
Build the Flash Animation
you've always wanted to
show off your business
*Please note: these are just examples