Zykom Family of Sites, Maintenance Package
Choosing any, or all of the packages below entitles you to - 15% SAVINGS on ALL work
done on your web site. For example: custom artwork, editing, updates.

Our server space is housed in a 4,000 square ft. state-of-the-art, all fiber networked data center. It is technically supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is environmentally conditioned to ensure maximum uptime.

Zykom Design looks on it's clients as valued business partners. We can create a fast, highly creative, unique, and most importantly an investment-focused site to suit your business needs. We have mastered the art of web compression and use that technology to save you money. Obviously, the tighter the site --- the faster it downloads for visitors. A win-win situation!
Our Servers:

• FrontPage Extensions • Password protected directories
• POP Email accounts • Email auto-responders
• Full online support • cgi-bin directory
• Unlimited hits • PGP server side secure email
• Email aliasing & forwarding

note: Hosting prices are determined by the size of your new Zykom Custom Web Site, starting at $29.99/month. There are additional hosting charges added for larger web sites, feedback forms, data bases, e-commerce sites, secure hosting space, etc...
If you have special needs or questions about our hosting service, please feel free to contact us by clicking here

By choosing to host your web site with Zykom Design, your web site becomes part of the Zykom Family of Sites (ZFS), which entitles you to - 15% SAVINGS on ALL additional work done on your web site. You will be billed $50/hr. rather than $59/hr., (the cost for NON - members).

Examples of possible savings

Sample Project
Sample Cost
NON- Members
Sample Cost
ZFS - Members
Updates to an
Image Gallery
Add a new line of products
to your web site
Build the Flash Animation
you've always wanted to
show off your business
*Please note: these are just examples