Zykom Family of Sites, Maintenance Package
Choosing our maintenance packages below entitles you to - 15% SAVINGS on ALL work
done on your web site. For example: custom artwork, editing, updates.

Custom Web Sites
Custom web sites created by Zykom Design are very simple and straight forward and a great way to design a site built around the originality of your company. We will create a web site tailored exactly to you business needs.

Please feel free to sample some of our web sites

(use the "custom web-sites" button (left) to get back to this page)

««« The Music of Greg Kinslow
HTML Web Site: -Streaming audio, interactive buttons, a custom logo, custom animations and illustrations, The Music of Greg Kinslow delivers his musical services in a informative, fun and exciting way.

In Harmony Retreat »»»
HTML Web Site: Small but powerful, this site is a great example of a web site that is simple, but delivers their images within a high-end photo gallery.
««« The Engine Shop
HTML Web Site: Loaded with Flash animations, "high-end" image editing and custom buttons, as well as a "splash page", the Engine Shop shows off their custom engine work in a professional yet
Impriano Roofing Inc., »»»
Flash Web Site: Created in Macromedia Flash and full of interactive animations, streaming audio and graphics.
Take a journey through Impriano -a site you won't forget.

Web Site Creation

The design of a Zykom Custom Web Site is very simple. We will build you a site that is suitable to your business needs and budget. Whether you need a 2 pg. site or a 30 pg. JavaScript site with custom artwork, we will work with you towards building a site that is specifically designed for your company.

In the design of our sites, we use text & images supplied by you. Your logo, photo's etc,...but, we can also create custom artwork such as high-end touch ups, animated logos, illustrations, etc,...
As always, we offer a 10% DISCOUNT for first time customers on all of our custom artwork.

Descriptions of Possible Pages

Descriptions of possible pages for your site are below, but if you need a page in your site e.g.) "on the menu", that is not listed ...just contact us at: sales@Zykom.com. Zykom Design, will customize your site to your business needs.

Home Page
Description of your business or what your company has to offer. (customer supplied)
Customer supplied photos of place of business or business owner or other relevant photos that you feel would be more appropriate.

Products / Services Page

A description of your companies products or services. (customer supplied)
Photos of your products or services. (customer supplied)

Contact Information

-Full Company name, address, phone & fax numbers.
-E-mail address, hours of operation.

About the Company

-A brief history of the company including recent press releases, partnerships, association affiliations or other information that would encourage potential customers. (customer supplied)

Photo Gallery
-To show off a large amount of your images. (very popular)

Hyperlinks Page

-Up to (10) ten relevant hyper-text links to other sites on the web that may also help encourage potential customers to become life-long customers. (Zykom Design researched and recommended)
Suggestions- Business Partners, Government or News Reporting agencies that promote your service or product, Associations that your company is a member of (Better Business Bureau, etc,...).

Coupon / Discount Page

-If desired we will provide an online coupon /discount page, with coupons that may be printed out or information on special offers or 'day-specific' deals (e.g. Seniors 10% on Tuesdays).

Directions Page

-A hypertext link to Mapquest, for your potential customers to obtain a FREE door to door driving directions map.

Feedback Form Page

-Perhaps you need a feedback form page so that your customers can send important information to you such as name, contact information, services required, etc,...
note: There is an additional (feedback form) set up charge, determined by the amount of information included in the form)

Types of Web Sites & Pricing

(1) Free custom graphic with the purchase of
...8-page (or over), custom web sites (up to $150)

Standard Web Sites: standard web site layout that will load a new page when a link is clicked. Buttons will be static. $79/page
Framed Web Sites: this web site is a framed web site
(the border left does not change)
-this type of site works great if your web site has a lot of links. The user will stay in your site while exploring other linked sites. $89/frame

JavaScript Interactive Site Design & Buttons:
Interactive buttons: (recommended for all web sites) They help guide the end user through your web site. Our custom buttons are specifically designed to show off the originality of your company and web site. Interactive buttons add life to your site, as well as looking great!
Our web site has 2-up interactive buttons (left).

Interactive Buttons,
(a must have -for all sites-)

2-up buttons: (left) $34/ set of (2)
normal & over
3-up buttons: $49/ set of (3)
normal, over & static

Interactive web page design: This page is laid out in JavaScript as well as our custom artwork section. JavaScript interactive web design, will distinguish your company and your web site, as a cut above the rest. As well as looking great, interactive page design works well for customers who would like to show off a variety of larger images or a large amount of text on the same page (such as a menu page).

For a limited time, 10% OFF
Interactive Web Design Layouts

$59/hr: imaging, interactive layout + set-up

Flash Web Sites:
Flash sites allow our customers to present their services in a powerful, fun, exciting and completely interactive way- presenting potential customers an interactive experience they will not soon forget.
Flash sites feature:
• multimedia -interactive buttons and navigation
• interactive animations
• flying logos and graphics
• streaming audio
Flash Sites: are billed on a $59 per/hr. basis.

E-Commerce Sites:
Full e-commerce sites with shopping carts, data-base searches, etc..
E-Commerce sites start at $2000 in addition to our standard web site charges that are listed above. Contact us for a quote.


General Maintenance:
Your site must be hosted with us to receive General Maintenance, which means ease of mind. As companies are busy with their own products or services, keeping track of your web site can be a time consuming process. Zykom Design will be your web design team, keeping track of common problems and ensuring that your site maintains a professional appearance and functions correctly. A site that is not maintained will eventually have problems and become an unusable, unstable waste of time.
As your companies web design team, your web site will receive
(on a monthly basis) the following:
1) Complete site navigation check for dead links, corrupted files or images.
(This ensures that your links will be directed where they are linked, images will be where they are supposed to be, etc..)
2) Online and phone support.
3) Disaster Recovery of your site. We maintain (3) full backup copies.

(prices based on web site size, starting at $14.99/month )
Updating /editing of text, images, site layout, background and navigation bar or buttons are charged on a per/ hr. basis and not included, in general maintenance.

Our server space is housed in a 4,000 square ft. state-of-the-art, all fiber networked data center. It is technically supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is environmentally conditioned to ensure maximum uptime.

Zykom Design looks on it's clients as valued business partners. We can create a fast, highly creative, unique, and most importantly an investment-focused site to suit your business needs. We have mastered the art of web compression and use that technology to save you money. Obviously, the tighter the site --- the faster it downloads for visitors. A win-win situation!
Our Servers:

• FrontPage Extensions • Password protected directories
• POP Email accounts • Email auto-responders
• Full online support • cgi-bin directory
• Unlimited hits • PGP server side secure email
• Email aliasing & forwarding

note: Hosting prices are determined by the size of your new Zykom Custom Web Site, starting at $29.99/month. There are additional hosting charges added for larger web sites, feedback forms, data bases, e-commerce sites, secure hosting space, etc...
If you have special needs or questions about our hosting service, please feel free to contact us by clicking here

Other Services
• Domain Name Registration
•  Consultation
•  Disaster Recovery
• Online Billing • MP3 & Streaming Video
• Intranets •  Scanning
• Flash Sites •  Technical Writing
• Training / Support •  OCR Technology
• FTP technology •  POP E-mail
• Interactive JavaScript Buttons •  Feedback Forms
...and Web Site Layout •  Databases and Database Searches
• Paypal Accounts •  E-Commerce Suites *

Zykom Design is an ever expanding corporation that moves with technology and the demands for it. If your company has specific needs that are not listed above, we would like to hear from you. Contact us at: sales@Zykom.com.

All of our "other services" listed above are performed 'per/hour' or 'per/project'. Our rate is $59/hr, plus travel (if required).

* E-Commerce sites start at $2000 in addition to our standard web site charges that are listed in our "Types of web sites & pricing" section.